Our Aircraft


Air Tractor AT-802: The 802 is the largest single engine air tanker (SEAT) in production. With a 1350shp PT6 engine, a payload of over 3100 litres, endurance of 4.5 hours with reserves and a ferry speed of over 280km per hour it is a very effective and economical firebombing aircraft.

Air Tractor AT-602: The 602 has a 1050shp PT6 engine and a capacity of 2450 litres. Being smaller and more manoeuvrable than the 802 allows it to handle short farm air strips better. The 602 can be used for spreading, spraying and firebombing.

Air Tractor AT-502: The 502 is the industry’s workhorse, it is the most popular agricultural aircraft, with well over 1000 built. Powered by a 750shp PT6 engine with a 1900 litre capacity, the 502 is used for spreading and spraying operations.

Air Tractor AT-301: The 301 was originally powered by a 600hp radial piston engine but has been converted to a 680shp TPE331 Garrett Turbine engine. Fitted with a 1500 litre hopper the 301 is ideal for spreading and spraying smaller blocks.

Fletcher FU24: The Fletcher is a New Zealand built aircraft designed specifically for aerial topdressing. Powered by the 400hp 8-cylinder horizontally opposed Lycoming IO-720 piston engine, the fletchers are mainly used for superphosphate spreading.

Cessna 188 AG Truck: the AG Truck is the smallest agricultural aircraft that we operate, powered by the 400hp 8-cylinder horizontally opposed Lycoming IO-720 piston engine. Fitted with a 1000 litre hopper, this aircraft is ideal for spraying small vegetable blocks and training new pilots.

Cessna 185: The 185 is a small four seat passenger aircraft, powered by a 300hp piston engine. The 185 is used for air strip inspections, moving pilots/equipment around when needed, and to ferry a maintenance crew to the field if an aircraft unserviceability arises, ensuring minimal downtime.